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Rest in Peace




Nosferatu the Heat is On at Danti

DOB: 24.10.2006
Hip Score: 5-8
Eye Tested: CLEAR
Dam: Nosferatu Nellie Kim
Sire: Ch Redwitch Make My Day

Mikey was one of those dogs that make you go wow.  His temperament was first class and he was a great ambassador for the breed. We would like to thank our friends Karen & Steve Rowley for allowing Mikey into our home, he really was a pleasure to own. Mikey was shown by Karen as a baby and had some wonderful results.  CC winner at the tender age of 7 1/2 months and numerous Best Puppy In Breed awards.

Mikey had sired some wonderful babies: Aus Champion Danti Down Under at Goodomen, Meiho Feel The Heat (2 x RCC’s), Danti’s Jedi Master (1 x RCC), Danti’s Pole Position, Rokushii’s Snow On A Mountain, Meiho’s Too Hot To Handle and our own Hattie Jackitasky Love Me Do to name just a few.




Mikey winning dog CC  Mikey in the group
Left: Mikey is awarded the Dog CC from the Minor Puppy Class - Right: Mikey in the Group line-up


CC winners
Mikey (Dog CC Winner with Bitch CC Winner & BOB)



Mikey's sire   Mikey's dam
  Sire: Ch. Redwitch Make My Day - Dam: Nosferatu Nellie Kim


Show Results

Driffield Championship Show - October 2007
Judge: Mr Roy Mulligan
Award: Placed 1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed

Judge's report: 1st Rowley’s Nosferatu The Heat Is On at Danti. Very nice red/white young male. Good head, ears and eye. Straight front and rear. Good topline. Good neck and shoulders. Moved well, deserved best puppy, and should go on to be a champion given the chance.


Richmond Championship Show - September 2007
Judge: Brenda Pearson
Award: Placed 1st Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog

Judge's report: 1st Rowley’s Nosferatu The Heat Is On at Danti. Attractive red/white, good clear colour with coat of correct texture. Mature youngster with head showing steady development. Straight front, well boned legs and tight feet. Deep rounded ribcage, firm top-line, well muscled rear with balanced tail. Would like a little more rear angulation tho, he shoulded a clean side-gait holding his top-line.


City of Birmingham Championship Show - September 2007
Judge: Sue Cartwright
Award: Placed 1st Puppy Dog

Judge's report: Rowley’s Nosferatu The Heat Is On at Danti, 10 months masculine red/white with broad skull, well set & correctly placed ears, correct bite & strong muzzle. Eye could be slightly darker. Lovely neck & shoulder placement & tight strong feet, good topline & correct rear angulation, very sound puppy & movement should tighten with maturity, lovely puppy.


East of England Championship Show - July 2007
Judge: Mrs K Mitchell
Award: 1st Minor Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog

Judge's report: 1st Rowley’s Nosferatu The Heat Is On at Danti. What a super head, correct wedge, good eye & set, right size of ears, lovely coat in great g/w.


Leeds Championship Show - July 2007
Judge: Mr Hugh Jones
Award: 1st Minor Puppy Dog

Judge's report: 1st Nosferatu The Heat Is On at Danti. Very promising young man having a good head pattern, well placed ears and a good arch of neck. Well boned front, level topline and just enough rear angulation. Well handled and shown.


Three Counties Championship Show - April 2007
Judge: Mr H Ogden
Award: 1st MPD, CC & Best Puppy In Breed

Judge's report: I had so looked forward to this day & was bitterly dissapointed with the entry for my first time awarding CC's. There were 27 exhibits present. Being assessed it would have been so easy in males to have awarded the CC to what I now understand to be the breed record holder, with the Res to the Minor Puppy. It would also have been dishonest. There were 10 males present, 4 of them Minor Puppies My duty is to judge the dogs as they present on the day. The Champion dog was not at his best & looked like he had had his back mown. On the day he could not match the style nor outline of the baby.That left one question- was the puppy of such outstanding merit as to be worthy of the title Champion? The answer- Yes without the slighest of doubt. For what it's worth the ringside went crazy with applause, more importantly the breeder of the champion dog graciously acknowledged that her dogs coat had grown to a degree that she would not normally have shown him. He sired 3 of the 4 top winners & the kennel also bred the sire of the Minor Puppy. He'll be back in form & hopefully the puppy will mature to become a great Champion!!

MPD 4 great pups. Rowley's Nosferatu The Heat is On at Danti. Glorious substantial pup that is bursting with breed type. Correct head proportions- small eye & ears. Strong neck, well boned front, tight feet. Level with a double coat. Large full tail in balance with head. Correct length, limited angulation & a sound rear. A bit puppyish in front but with great columns of support standing- a star DCC!!!!



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